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Our Big Four Major Garment Suppliers.

These are the suppliers we’ll likely use to source the apparel you’ll need for your custom project. If you’d like to get pricing or availability information about anything found on these sites, please note the garment’s style number (they all have one), the color and size breakdown needed for your print order.

Then you can call or email us and we can you an estimate right away!


Our local primary warehouse. They carry just about all brands and styles. If we need garments in a hurry they are our best bet!


S&S Activewear carries all the major brands and usually with a lot of stock. They also seem to carry more colors than other distributors.


Alpha Border carries all major brands as well. They typically have deep stock of many promotional products and swag.


Independent Trading Company has been making high quality fleece products since 1996. With a wide range of styles and colors. Independent Trading Company is your one stop chop for hoodies and sweatshirts.